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Welcome to Heeren & Associates
Small Business Consulting 

"From having an idea of starting your own business to taking it to an IPO!"

It is our goal to reduce risk in your business and life!

We specialize in legal plans, identity theft plans, business plans, cyber security, digital forensics, computer consulting, professional coaching and public speaking.


Launch Launch by LegalShield ...

Start your business with us and a three-month LegalShield membership is included. Your membership connects you with a dedicated law firm that is available to provide consultation on any legal questions you have!

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Ask LS Ask LegalShield ...

If you knew that you could ask any legal question and not receive a bill, would you?

With Ask LegalShield, you now have access to over 1,200 commonly asked legal questions and answers right in your pocket, and it's free!

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Shake Shake by LegalShield ***FREE APP***

Create, sign and send legally binding agreements in seconds.
Answer a few simple questions to specify the important terms.
Sign in-person or email your agreement. Mobile signatures have never been this easy.
Send invites from the app. The other party can sign on any device!

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LS Logo LegalShield Plans ...

If you knew that you could pick up the phone and call an attorney and ask them any legal question, and not receive a bill, would you? Well that is what we do for individuals and small business owners, for less than a cup of coffee a day!

Our plans can also be offered to employees as a benefit through payroll deduction. Employees protect themselves and their families, taking less time off work and less stress related illness and injuries. We also offer our Identity Theft shield, which is the best solution to the growing problem of identity theft, we will also provide our clients with a NO-COST Identity Theft Awareness Training and help them develop a security plan...

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LSphoto Videos..

The videos you are about to see are just a few in a series to come. Attention to details and the quality of the videos in regards to our new brand are a testament to where the company is moving. LegalShield has given all of us the peace of mind so you and your family can live your life worry-free, every day, every night, now and forever.

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NMLegalPlan Legal Plan for Network Marketers...

Treat your network marketing business like a business because it is. Make sure your business is set up properly. The Legal Plan for Network Marketers gives professionals like you access to lawyers for legal advice related to your network marketing business and for personal legal matters. This plan will also provide assistance with audits involving your Schedule C or E (which many 1099 independent contractors file).

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  Remote Support

Whether you provide spontaneous remote support, administer servers or work from your home office, TeamViewer gives you the possibility of being able to control computers remotely as if you were sitting right in front of them. You can provide technical support to mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices. You can do all this conveniently from your work station.



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