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LegalShield has offered legal plans for over 40 years.
For as little as $17 a month, our attorneys are there to not only give legal advice, but also write letters,
make phone calls on your behalf, prepare legal documentation, such as wills and power of attorney, and more.
From the trivial to the traumatic and everything in between, LegalShield is there so you can worry less and live more.


So what does a $20.00 a month attorney look like?
What is a dedicated attorney network? It's the framework that enables LegalShield members to pick up the phone and
call an accomplished law firm in their state or province that is ready and willing to help with any legal issue.
Check out this video to learn how LegalShield's network of provider law firms cares for our 1.4 million members.
You'll also hear from a LegalShield member, as well as provider attorney, Melvin Hall.



Are you concerned about identity theft, see how IDShield protects you!


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What is Medical identity theft?
A thief may use your name or health insurance numbers to see a doctor, get prescription drugs,
file claims with your insurance provider, or get other care. If the thief’s health information is mixed with yours,
your treatment, insurance and payment records, and credit report may be affected.



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Millions of North Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck and looking for a way to earn more.
If you’re one of them, watch and listen this video right now. Thousands of people Get Paid Daily with LegalShield, why not you?




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Welcome Clergy...

Dr. Fletcher Brothers and other ministers in LegalShield, address the LegalShield business opportunity
from the standpoint of the positive impact it has had on their ministry.