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Michael R. Heeren






Welcome to our Group Benefit Plan
How are you attracting and retaining quality employees?
Employees donít merely shop employers. They shop benefits. A LegalShied plan gives you a competitive advantage for recruiting new employees and keeping them.


Employee Benefit ~ Group Information! 

With a LegalShield plan, your employees will have direct toll free access to a carefully selected provider law firm for legal issues. With the Identity Theft Shield, they can rest assured knowing conspicuous activity on their credit report is being monitored. If their identity is stolen, we not only provide counsel, we'll work to restore their identity for them. This leaves them free to focus on their job, not their problems.

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The Group Benefit Presentation 

Has your employee ever take time off work for personal legal or identity theft related issues?  Lost productivity because of an employee's loss of focus on the job?
Had to deal with complicated administrative forms and deductibles with your employee benefits? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we may be able to help. 

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Stolen Lives

“. . . all business should look to that law for guidance on how to protect consumer data.  At a basic level, she says, that means businesses need to have a plan in writing describing how customer data is to be secured and an officer on staff responsible for implementing that plan.

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Identity Theft Solutions

As a business owner, you know there are laws every business must follow. However, results of a recent survey by zTelligence and Fellowes, Inc., showed only 13.1% of business owners recognize the term "FACTA". That could mean that nearly 87% of all business owners aren't aware that FACTA and it is only one piece of legislation that affects your business. There are others: You must make a critical decision about your business. Does your business comply? Most business owners want to take action after they learn the requirements and potential consequences. But, many don't know where to start. We can to help you!

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How to Curb an HR Headache

Given the likelihood of liability when employees' records are misused or mishandled, employers should take steps to protect personal employee information and, indeed, are required to do so under state and federal statutes. In Pennsylvania, for example, recent legislation established standards for the printing and transmitting of social security numbers. The legislation prohibits employers from:

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The Business Time Bomb

Most everyone has heard of identity theft (IDT), yet unless you have been a victim, few people consider that they are at high risk. An alarming figure is that over half of the 10 million new IDTs each year originate from a place of business, employer, or other entity (not-for-profit or local, state, or federal government).

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